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About Us

After the ancient medicine men, the modern holistic healers have also acknowledged the potent healing abilities of “nature”. Integrating the traditional wisdom of health and nature with tomorrow's eco-friendly technology, we envision ourselves to be an unparalleled leader in providing natural products and solutions and change the current lifestyle of the people, for the good. We regard ourselves as a vehicle of consciousness and inspiration to build a timeless business model that provides a healthy body and balanced mind through natural “care & cure”.

With an aim to meet distinctive needs of the customers, and provide absolute customer satisfaction, we are committed to deliver quality assured and environmentally friendly products. On a mission to happiness and wellbeing of our valued customers in “nature's way” - we work to educate on how to lead an eco-friendly life without compromising on any aspect of the daily needs. Our work philosophy motivates for organized, productive and sustainable development of the overall society. We are devoted to work with our esteemed customers, suppliers along with our team to offer the time-tested, age old formula of natural goodness without hurting the “mother nature” and benefiting the human kind.

We are a small team of like-minded folks that share a common vision to live harmoniously with the environment, while making the best out of the nature's treasure. The company was started by a few technocrats from different engineering streams, who wanted to rebalance man's relationship with the nature. With the advent of modernization and development, our connection with nature has been getting vague and blurred. We strive to get back that lost connection and unearth nature's wealth in our customer's interest. With God's immense grace, we got a taste of success in early years and stepped into other related sectors with added efforts and dedication. The idea is to offer all those products to the customer market that lack nature-quality and affordability. With a cumulative experience of over 40 years and unparalleled dedication, this team of 6 technocrats has come together to propagate the essence of natural products capturing attention and loyalty of men and women around the globe, from all age groups and ethnicities.

“In the infinity of the universe, there’s just one EARTH and we all share the onus to protect it.”