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Naturalmente is an Eco friendly, Organic brand developed by Artec Naturalmente SRL, Italy. It was founded by professional fashion hairstylists Domenico & Brigida Tomaselli, who after 30 years of working in their own hair salons, decided to launch a sustainable product range called Naturalmente. They developed complete range of Organic personal care, beauty, hair and home cleaning products.

Great care is taken in the entire development cycle of the products. The Naturalmente products are made from plant raw materials and derivatives vegetables such as essential oils, which are grown from Organic farming. Protein extracts from Soya, wheat, olive oil, coconut, corn are also used in the process. Medicinal valued plant extracts like Tea Tree, Thyme, and lavender are widely used to enhance the wellness of our body.

Advancing further, the team developed another exclusive range for Skin, body and Make up range and named it appropriately “breathe”, which encourages humans to move away from the harmful chemicals and allow the skin to breathe organic plant nutrients. The chemical ingredients called the “dirty dozen” were completely ignored and new plant formulas were derived to protect the largest organ of our body, namely the Skin.

Breathe products encourages us to become the “NEW YOU “by replenishing the Organic plant ingredients given by mother Earth for the benefit of mankind.

Our idea is to produce only eco sustainable cosmetics which maintain high quality standards. As a result of the commitment of our laboratories, ESSERE contains safe properties obtained from essential oils and vegetal extracts from plants and flowers. In addition, highly biodegradable surfactants and food preservatives are selected. Natural extracts like Eucalyptus globulus, Chamomilla, Candulla etc add medicinal value to the products thus benefiting the consumer.


Naturalmente and Breathe products are certified by Qualitá Reale, an independent body that thoroughly tests and endorses product integrity. This means that the accuracy of our claims is real to the core.

Our goal is to confirm the high quality of our products by supplying our consumers with the necessary information and having its truthfulness certified by an independent body.

Qualità Reale looks at every aspect of our business, from the lavender we source directly from origin, from sustainable and biodynamic farmers, to our compostable packaging made from corn, in order to vouch for our products. We travel this extra mile so that our consumers are benefited and, the integrity of our products are intact in the minds of our customers, which brings in the loyalty.


PLA – Poly Lactic Acid

State of art technology has been used to develop completely bio-degradable and compostable packaging for the Naturalmente and Breathe series known as the PLA.

Derived from corn sugar, PLA is the alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics usually used by the cosmetic industry. This reduces the emission of CO2 in the air.

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