In summer, we are obliged to endure scorching hot weather and extreme humidity all year round. Facing severe heat and humidity puts our sebaceous glands into overdrive mode and excessive sweating makes matter worse. This undue discharge of sebum, when not taken care of can lead to the formation of blackheads and breakouts like acne. Therefore, it is prudent to keep your skin clean and dry, here are some tips that can help. 


Washing your face with a little cold water and cleanser a few times, throughout the day will help keep your skin clean. Refrain from using cleansers containing alcohol as it will dry out the skin too quickly and you will end up doing yourself more harm than good. You can also employ a balancing toner in your cleaning regimen and top it up with a purifying cream.


However, you must choose your beauty products with care. A visit to a nearby utility store let alone a legit beauty shop will spoil you for choice. Be observant of the ingredients in your products as they might contain exorbitant amounts of chemicals to provide instant results, which can if used in the long run can not only bare your skin of nutrients but also leave it tight and dehydrated. 


Always go for Organic and Natural choices, as they are your only safe bet. Try our "Purifying Cleansing Gel"; it contains LACTIL ACTIVE INGREDIENT, BURDOCK AND BIRCH, ARTICHOKE, WITCH HAZEL AND LEMON. It regulates sebaceous secretion and reduces the small imperfections typical of this type of skin.


Cleansing your skin regularly every day has its advantages but to achieve an overall vibrant and luminous looking complexion you should also use a balancing toner. Our "Balancing Lotion" works wonder on your skin, it stimulates the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) present on the skin’s surface and reduces the appearance of blackheads and other small imperfections. Lastly, you could also add another distinguishing ornament to your beauty reserve in the form of our "Purifying Cream". 


Some other tips for your consideration:


          1  Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water.


          2  Get adequate sleep as the skin's repair activity is at its maximum when you are asleep.


          3  Exercise more often as it boosts blood circulation, which nourishes your skin from within.


          4  Don't smoke - excessive smoking aids expansion of pores.


We sincerely hope that using these tips will keep your skin looking its best, even when the heat and humidity are at their worst.


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