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Facial TreatmentsHair Treatments

Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing Facial

The Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing facial treatment is a unique combination of the Breath Skin Therapy products to give you a youthful glowing skin --> Read more.

Organic Keratin

Our organic take on keratin treatment involves the revolutionary plant based Naturalmente phytokeratin --> Read more.

Deep Cleansing Purifying Treatment

Our holistic approach to well-being reflects on our endless array of treatments. The cleansing treatment focuses on energizing and revitalizing for --> Read more.

Hair Color

Hair coloring has become a vital part of hair treatments and choosing an organic treatment is quintessential to keep your hair healthy --> Read more.

Lifting Treatment

Your skin’s lacklustre is primarily due to prolonged sun exposure, hormonal changes and premature aging and the lifting treatment is the ideal --> Read more.

Hair Straightening Lavender With Restructuring Liquid

The lavender based hair straightening treatment is ideal for unruly frizzy hair. The organic components in the solution restructure your hair without --> Read more.

Age Correcting Regenerative Treatment

Dehydration and tiredness are some of the early signs of skin aging which can be reduced with regular and timely correction treatments --> Read more.

Hair Treatment- Styling Fluid

Alcohol-free everyday styling gel by Naturalmente is ideal for all hair types. The organic fluid naturally binds your hair for an effortless styling --> Read more.

Facial Treatments- Philosophy Treatment

The Breathe Philosophy treatment is ideal for the tired and aging skin which needs and instant long lasting lift. --> Read more.

Hair Treatments- Intensive Treatment

The scalp and the thin layer of skin over your scalp are subjected to various chemicals and impurities which cause a pH imbalance --> Read more.

Brightening Advanced Treatment

The Brightening Advanced Treatment is a one of a kind treatment incorporating the organic products to naturally brighten and illuminate --> Read more.

Hair Treatments- Sanitizing Treatment

The routine cleansing is quite essential when it comes to healthy hair and scalp. The Sanitizing Treatment is the ideal way to achieve --> Read more.